Mrs. Friedland's Page

   If at any time you have questions, please feel free to email me at  I check it daily (Sadly, a few times a day Smile!)

I am working on a 6 day schedule to help provide time with small groups and focusing on the skills.   This will cause for a change in the  testing schedule.  I will have them write the test date in their planners each week to advise you of the testing date.  We are all going to be making this change as a fourth grade team.  If you have any questions, please let me know. 


We are working on Unit 4 Puzzles and Mysteries from Reading Street.  Our big question for the whole unit is Is there an explanation for everything?   We read many stories and hear read alouds that highlight amazing words.  Each week we get Amazing Words which are oral vocabulary words that they will find in the stories and should be using in our classroom discussions and writing.  These words will come in about 2  a day.  They will learn 10 oral vocabulary words a week. We have used 150 amazing words so far!

We also learn 7 new vocabulary words that we get tested on weekly.  These words are up in the classroom for the children to see. We have pictures of the words and go over the meanings of each.  We write them down in our books as well as complete a worksheet to review the definition of each. We review these words daily in our stories and discussions as well.  

Each week we focus on a skill or skills.  We also review the previous skill to keep enhancing it.  The family letter that I send home usually on Mondays review the vocabulary and skills for the week.  We utilize these skills weekly in our reading.

Each week, we have a read aloud, story, an informational piece, and comprehension section. 

 You may find this website helpful to you in regards to the stories that we are reading in class.


Everyone has the same 25 words that review a sort.  There are 20 words and 5 challenge words.  Right now, the challenge words are bonus points.  They are responsible for studying and working with all groups.  We review the sort in class and discuss the pattern.  Just as a heads up:  CHALLENGE WORDS ARE COUNTED ON THE TEST.  THEY WILL NOT BE BONUS WORDS ANYMORE:( 


We have reviewed the types of sentences and punctuation marks.  These will now be a graded skill because they have learned this in third grade and this served as a review.  Each week again will be a different skill that is reviewed daily.