Fourth Grade Homework

 Fourth Grade Homework

Reading:  You must read each night for 20 minutes at least.  You need to read Monday thru Friday night. You are responsible for reading a just right book for you using the guidelines we set up in class.  You may read an article from the internet as long as you have parent approval and it is something that is from a credible site.  The more we get involved with Science and Social Studies, you may want to read more about a topic.  This is the perfect time to do that!  You can read magazines, poetry, and any other chapter books.  You should be reading more chapter books by now Laughing

 Spelling:  You have nightly homework with different assignments to complete each night. 

Day 1: Write all Spelling words in planner and complete worksheet.

Day 2: Write all 25 words in ABC order.

Day 3: Select 10 words from your list and write 10 fourth grade sentences.  They must be detailed and have at least 8 words in them.

Day 4: Review Grammar worksheet or Spelling Worksheet depending on the highlighted skill.

Day 5: No Peek Sort with an adult.  Have your parent test you on the words.  When you finish, please check your words with your planner.  Then write the words correctly next to any incorrect ones. 

Sammy:  Sammy is our stuffed friend that goes home weekly with a child.  It is a great way to get the child writing in a personal narrative way.  They are to write Sammy's journal as they are Sammy.  They must write an entry for every day they have him.  Sammy usually goes home on Tuesdays and comes back on Thursday.  Each Thursday, Sammy's journal is read to the class by the student.  (The directions are in his notebook when it comes home.)   Everyone has had a turn with Sammy and he is coming home again!  

 Mathematics:  You have one sheet of homework each night, it will be classwork practice.  On occassion you will have an extra sheet or none at all.  When you receive your corrected homework , all errors must be fixed.  Please hand in your corrections the following school day. 

~All Math tests must be SIGNED AND RETURNED reguardless of the grade. 

Writing:  On occassion, you will have to type your customized writing pieces.  Your parents may help you but it is important that you learn a little bit about typing as well.  Your typed copy should look exactly like your hand written copy in reguards to your content.  You may work on your conventions (spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar) with your parents if you wish.  If you do not have access to a computer or printer please let me know as soon as possible. 

Science/Social Studies:  Homework is rarely assigned in these subjects unless you have unfinished classwork or a special project.